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Speakeasy is a 75-minute, hidden role/social deduction game for 10-40 people, similar to games like Werewolf, The Resistance, or Two Rooms and a Boom. It is simple to learn, but has lots of room for strategy and rewards repeat playing. Speakeasy can be played at home, in a pub, or anywhere the group can fit. It is not turn-based—the game happens continuously at the speed of your strategy.

Speakeasy Kickstarter Campaign

Speakeasy was created with the help of Kickstarter.com, a crowdfunding website for creative products. To see the Kicstarter video and the outcome of the campaign, just go to the Speakeasy Kickstarter page.

How to Play

To download your own DIY copy of Speakeasy to see the cards before buying or just to make a copy of the game yourself, email Speakeasyprintandplay@gmail.com for the download link.


Need to Print More Info Sheets?

Again, just email Speakeasyprintandplay@gmail.com for the download link. Extra Information Sheets for the game are at the bottom of the file.