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Speakeasy Informant Campaign

July 14, 2014 - Blog

Without pledges, no Kickstarter succeeds, however, there are other ways you can help Speakeasy reach funding that are not strictly monetary:

  • Share the project on Facebook with your friends.
  • Tweet about the project page.
  • Post or engage in a thread about the project on Reddit.
  • Pinterest, Instagram, Imgur, Flickr, project pictures. (Any one site).
  • Thumb Speakeasy images on the game entry page at Board Game Geek.
  • Post or engage in a thread about Speakeasy on (Posts from gamers carry more weight than project creators).
  • Share the project page with your game group or tell a person you feel might enjoy social deduction party games.
  • Become a Fan of the Speakeasy game entry on Board Game Geek.
  • Post on any other board game site forums/blogs to help broadcast the word about Speakeasy.

Here is the project link:

What Informants Get

In addition to the cards, Speakeasy backers that have completed at least five of the above items will be recognized in a special part of the rulebook under Special Thanks to our Informant Campaign Participants. This project will be run under an honor system. You trusted me with your pledge and I want to do the same in return.

What To Do

If you complete 5 of the above items, email me at with the subject line “Informant Campaign” and include your full name and which of the items you’ve completed with or w/o links.


Thanks to George Rubio for this idea. Check out his zombie strategy board game, District Z (which is funding now on Kickstarter):


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