Slow Joust

March 10, 2014 - Game Sketchbook

Slow Joust is a game of balance, quickness, strategy, and, as in all great games, sabotaging your friends.

To play, give everyone a spoon and ping pong ball. When the game begins each player tries to knock other player’s ping pong balls off of their spoon by hitting one another spoon-arms. If your ping pong ball gets knocked off, you’re out of the round. The last person with a ball on their spoon wins.

Note: the only body part players can hit when trying to knock off another player’s ball is their spoon-arm.

My thoughts on the game:

  • If you want to raise the stakes, use eggs instead of ping pong balls.
  • Adding teams in makes for an added level of strategy—some players can play defense while others go hunting.
  • Gamers will recognize an analog version of Johann Sebastian Joust.

If you play and have ideas on how to change the game, let me know on the Playtesting page.


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