Post-It Bomb

December 31, 2013 - Game Sketchbook

Disclaimer: This game involves imaginary explosions. We recommend consulting your legal department and/or office fun-killer before playing.
To play Post-It Bomb all you need is a pen, a stack of Post-Its, and a taste for paranoia and theatricality. To play, participants simply write the word “Bomb” on a Post-It and place it where their coworkers will stumble upon it. Viable locations for Post-It bombs include: in a stack of papers, on the back of a chair, in a closed laptop, on the back of a bathroom stall door, etc. Bombs should be labeled by their location, for example: “Text Message Bomb”, “Toilet Seat Bomb”, “Trash Can Bomb”, etc.

When any player sees a Post-It bomb, they must explode. No, not literally, but it should still cause a scene. We’re talking noise, papers flying, his/her body flopping onto the floor. Any coworker who witnesses the “explosion” and deems it inadequately dramatic has the right to call for a repeat performance until all witnesses are satisfied the theatrically-challenged victim in question has truly and properly exploded.

However, if a player anticipates the location of a Post-It bomb in, say, a briefcase, he/she may loudly declare “I hereby disarm the briefcase bomb!” Bombs disarmed in this manner may be safely handled and destroyed without threat of explosion/embarrassment.

Let us know if you change the game on our Playtesting page.

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