Medieval Capture the Flag

January 27, 2015 - Game Sketchbook

The medieval version of the classic game Capture the Flag (See link for rules) is the same except instead of tagging enemy players who stray into your territory, you have to duel them with your choice of medieval weapons. And, of course, before the game begins, you get to slap your enemies in the face with your gauntlet if you happened to bring one.

Normal CTF prizes speed, but its Dark Age cousin adds more strategy into the mix. This means that if you are confident in your dueling abilities you can boldly stride across the middle line into enemy territory to challenge all comers. Teams can launch a frontal assault in hopes of winning the battle and sending all their enemies temporarily to their own jail, giving themselves a free hand/gauntlet to search for the flag. The promise of foam-padded combat can also act as a deterrent to defenders unwilling to face an attacker head on. My favorite aspect of this version of CTF is the extra strategic possibilities it introduces for attacking and defending as a team, using formations and synchronizing your team’s movements. And, of course, you get to mod-out cool weapons and finally find a use for all that black duct tape.

Rule changes from the normal version:

  • Instead of getting tagged on enemy territory, it takes getting touched anywhere on your body by one of your enemies weapons to get sent to the enemy jail.
  • If you don’t have a weapon, you can’t harm an enemy player or send them to jail. Tagging doesn’t count.
  • If you are defending on your own side and get hit in a duel, you must go back to your own jail and count to 100 slowly before you can get back in the action.

Weapon Ideas:

  • Sword: A foam swimming noodle. The standard weapon of Medieval CTF. Cover it with black duct tape for stealth.
  • Bow and Arrow: A tennis ball, Duck Tape ball, or a sock.
  • Dagger: A small, handheld piece of foam. Good for concealment.
  • Shield: A piece of foam or cardboard you add a handle to. Try different types of shields for different roles on the team – tall Roman shields for defending the base, small, mobile bucklers for duels.
  • Pike/Spear: Put some foam on the end of a PVC pipe for keeping your enemies at a distance.
  • Fortress: If you really want to get creative, bring some building supplies (cardboard boxes, furniture, cars, snow, etc.) and build a fort around your flag. Stock it with catapults and siege engines. Settle in for a long crusade.

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