Bachelor Party Kidnapping

December 27, 2013 - Game Sketchbook

When a certain Best Man was given the task to plan an epic bachelor party in Chicago he called Waxwing and asked if we’d be willing to kidnap him and then design a treasure hunt for the rest of the bachelor party, we didn’t hesitate in our answer.


The Waxwing design team worked for two months to create the game and when the fateful day came the bachelor party arrived in the Loop via Metra and the Best Man quietly slipped away, saying he forgot something and that he’d meet them in a second. In reality, he was meeting up with a Waxwing operative who “kidnapped” him, leading him to the next rendezvous point. The rest of the group was waiting elsewhere in the train station for the Best Man to return, but instead, another Waxwing insider approached them saying, “We’ve taken your friend. If you want to see him again, you are going to have to find him. Here is your first clue.”

Their game had begun.

Over the next few hours they followed a GPS distress signal to a hidden location, outsmarted a street magician who held their next clue, stopped by the Apple store to test their wits with a series of online puzzles, interacted with Waxwing insiders in disguise, found items in hidden spots, had a run-in with Miss Scarlet in the Billy goat Tavern, and collected as many bonuses as possible at every stage in preparation for the final confrontation, when they would be tasked with finding as many of a certain kind of item hidden in Millennium Park all while being hunted by a squad of Waxwing assassins armed with laser pointers.


Throughout the treasure hunt they were faced with challenges that, if they overcame them, earned them bonuses (a poker chip extra life, a squirt gun that enabled them to defend themselves) during the final showdown at the end of the game.

As the final stage began the team had to split up and spread out through Millennium Park, seeking to collect painted rocks that had been strewn throughout the park, all while trying to discern the identity of their hunters and evade them. The four hunters themselves were a force to be reckoned with. Their weapon, tiny laser pointers with an incredible range, allowed them to snipe their prey from cover. On top of that, they were all using hands-free earpieces to coordinate their attacks and pick off the players one by one.

As each player was lazered they brought the rocks they had been able to collect back to the Bean where they added them to the growing total. As the game neared its climax the pile of rocks came closer to the magic number the team needed to declare victory, while the number of surviving players quickly dwindled.

In the end the bachelor party was able to evade the hunters and collect enough rocks to save the Best Man (who had been running around with us behind the scenes and playing a few key roles himself) and win the game.

After that we sent the bachelor party on to further festivities and the Waxwing team (all 12 of us) sat down for some Giardano’s in the park and swapped stories from the game, by far the best part of any Waxwing event, if you ask me.